Despite having love from all around, there was an unexplainable emptiness inside. In high school, I realized the best way to explain that emptiness was through art. Photography did not get rid of the empty feelings; although, it introduced a way to communicate with those around me.
My personal work acts as a visual representation of obstacles I face by turning them into intimate and interpersonal scenes that others can connect to.
I am influenced from portrait photographers like Herb Ritts who created works that highlighted physical features of celebrities. Feeling inspired by Herb Ritts by mimicking that same sense of beauty and intrigue in my work. Some contemporary photographers I find inspiration in are Marina Williams and Ryan Pfluger. Both artists create vivid portraiture that tells the viewer a story through their work.
In the confines of a lens, there is only so much space that can be used as real estate. I make the most of every inch that I have. When I encounter someone else, there is a desire to communicate with them visually. Photography opens a door of human connection that is unattainable for me without it.
My work is showcased through sets of digital images, collages, and prints. I make scenes that reflect my personal struggles and illuminate feelings through sometimes abstract scenes. I encourage human emotion and connection.
The process of creating my work is a cycle that starts with emotion and ends the same. Battling against mental demons, as well as chronic illness gives me the ability to represent my turmoil in a different light. ​​​​​​​
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